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3.3 Bereavement support

Bereavement Support Program

Bereavement refers to the period of mourning and grief following the death of a loved one. This period of time can be one of the most significant life experiences and sometimes the most challenging. It can bring a tremendous sense of change and loss of control, and within this experience may be the opportunity for self-awareness and personal growth.

PCSE has staff trained in grief, loss and bereavement to support this journey.

Our Bereavement Support Program provides individual and group support for 13 months. Support includes counselling, music therapy, spiritual care and volunteer support to partners, children, family members and close friends.

It’s great to meet up with others that have been through/are going through a similar experience who understand your circumstances

The Bereavement Support Program is free of charge to you and your family.

Remembrance Service

A remembrance service is held twice a year and is facilitated by PCSE staff to reflect and share the memories of your loved one.

Bereavement Social Support Group

PCSE holds a monthly social group for those who have lost a loved one. The group provides the opportunity for you to connect with others who have experienced loss and who are learning to rebuild their lives. The group is facilitated by our trained staff and volunteers and is an opportunity for you to engage socially with others in a supportive environment.

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