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0.2 About Palliative Care South East

Palliative Care South East (PCSE) provides specialist and holistic care for people living at home with a life-threatening illness, and emotional and practical support for family and carers.

Our holistic approach acknowledges that a life-threatening illness affects the whole person and their family and carers in many different ways — physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

PCSE takes a team approach to care:


PCSE does not offer the following services.

  • emergency call out service
  • hygiene, personal care and wound care
  • supply of regular prescriptions and daily medications management
  • blood thinning or diabetes injections
  • blood pathology collection
  • chemotherapy, immunotherapy or hormone therapy injections
  • intravenous antibiotics or chemotherapy catheter maintenance or dressings
  • respite nursing support in home

We can refer or direct you to the appropriate service provider.